Jason is a choreographer, performer, and dance educator. His relationship to movement and the body is informed by his experience in different dance forms including classical ballet, tap dance, tanztheater, Gaga, and improvisation- based contemporary work. Jason is inspired in his creative work by folk traditions, music, film, literature, philosophy and technology. He has worked with artists and teachers including Alonzo King, Dwight Rhoden,  Johannes Wieland, and Hofesh Shechter. As a teacher and dancer, Jason employs improvisational tools to encourage full-body awareness in order to develop a range of dynamic movement qualities. The potential of the body to convey “thinking” through movement is a key aspects of his work. As a choreographer Jason has created work for the North Carolina Dance Theater, Hofesh Shechter’s “In Good Company 2011”, SchrittArt Köln, TanzArt Ost/West, JET, the youth company at Tanzhaus nrw, and in residence at the Tanzhaus Zurich. In February 2014, Jason completed the Masters Program for Contemporary Dance Education (MA CoDE) at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt (HfMDK). 

Together with choreographer Ekaterine Giorgadze, Jason collaborates as company MuddyBoots.  Since 2013 MuddyBoots created choreographic work and developed several artistic research projects.  At the 25th Hessian Theater Festival MuddyBoots received the jury prize for “Best Ensemble Performance”. In 2014 they received a grant for Artistic Research from the Hessian Theater Academy for the creation and documentation of the work “Doing Things.” The subsequent years saw the creation of “MORBUS” (2015) and “Going Places” (2016).

Currently MuddyBoots is on hiatus as Jason and Ekaterine focus on developing their individual projects. Jason is also engaged as Rehearsal Director, Trainings Director and Choreographic Assistant at the Staatstheater in Mainz.

More information about MuddyBoots can be found at www.companymuddyboots.com

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photo: J. Baumann