I had a day off yesterday and decided to use my time to film various touristy places in Paris.  My plan was to create a narrative.  First I would find a landmark from the distance, zoom in, and then hike to the landmark and film myself improvising in the space.  I thought it was a simple enough idea.  But alone without anyone to film or make sure that no passerby would take my apparatus caused some interesting stress.  This stress created a very specific quality to the improvisations.

It was raining from the moment I turned on my camera.  I filmed as best as I could in the rain.  Then when I had had enough, I searched for a dry spot.  Eventually I found an underpass, more like a walking tunnel.  At one end of the tunnel, two teenage girls were getting a kick boxing lesson from their energetic coach.  It was the perfect backdrop for my minimal, self-conscious improvisation.  Here is a link to check it out: