he jumped

alone stood a man
a small thin man
not that thin
a man
he walked with a slight limp, but no one seemed to notice
he thought he could find his way
he paused often
negotiating the obstacles before him

often these obstacles were in his head
and not really real

he questioned what was real

what was really real

i am not an idiot
he thought out loud to himself

and as no one seemed to notice his limping
no one seemed to hear his protest

(music comes in)


it was to be blamed on an accident that happened long ago
he was alone in a strange city
in a strange and crooked hotel
the noise from the floor below could be heard as he sat there alone
the noises got louder
and then there was a knock on the door
not the kind of knocking
that one answers with
“who is it”

but that kind of knocking that makes one panic
and he was alone
and he panicked
and the window opened before him
and he jumped
not just any jump
but the first jump
would later be the only jump

that mattered

(music 2)

how does it go so far
how do we change
if only he could control how he changed
but it all happens so fast
and so uncontrollably
he never really had a chance
and the days ran after each other  one after the other
and his skin got marked
and his legs got stiff
and the sun was setting
and so without planning ahead

he jumped