5 days, 12 young people, one 15 – minute piece.  The theme is dying and ghosts.

A ghost chorus stands in the middle of the stage.  The conductor raises his hands and they sing.  When he changes which direction he faces, the two rows of singers follow as one.  A girl enters carrying flowers.  She is curious about the chorus, but she is focused on the flowers.  The ghosts chorus grows impatient and asks the girl, ” was machst du da?”  They approach and she fears they will hurt her flowers.  She runs, chased through the space, until she is caught in a corner and accidentally drops the urn with flowers. The ghosts, startled, back off and tell us their story.

Today is the middle point of my short time with these dancers and we will try hard to push forward with our story.  We are exploring different qualities of how our ghosts can move, and how they became ghosts and if they will always be ghosts.  The dancers are open and engaged, and like many teenagers, focused on more than just listening to a choreographer preach.  But I am excited and hopeful that we will have complete work by the end of  the week.

The performance will take place at the Tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf, 17 and 18 November.

Was machst du da?  (that’s german for, what are you doing?)

Click Above to watch the finished product.