On tour again, and that familiar feeling of responsibility abating is palpable. On tour, one exists as just one small feature of a much larger machine. This machine is the Hofesh Shechter Company. My role is rather minor. I am here to dance a part in a 25 minute dance piece that makes up one half of an evening performance. We will visit three cities, three different theaters, in Clermont-Ferrand, Cannes, and Martigues. I’ve never visited any of these cities. New experiences are the biggest joy in regards to touring.

I was a full-time dancer with this company for about two years. Now, when I return, it is usually in emergency situations or for special performances. This time I am here to replace my friend Ming as his wife is expecting a child and the due date is tomorrow. I am happy to fill his place, especially for such a beautiful reason as to allow him to be there to meet his new daughter. We are currently sitting on the Eurostar, on our way to Paris. In Paris, during our three hour lay over, I will race to the Conservatoire de Paris where the students who I taught in September are preparing for their performance. I taught these students a shortened version of the very same piece that I will be performing tomorrow night. It was my first time setting a piece of Hofesh’s on a group of dancers and I wish them a great premiere.