Violas, cellos, double basses, bass drums, frame drums, cymbals, obscure Indian percussion instruments, electric guitars, acoustic guitars,  bathtubs, 20 kilo canon balls, 5 dancers and numerous other surprises. 

Back in London, I can’t seem to stay away from this company for very long. We are in the Barbican Theater in rehearsal for the latest emergence from Hofesh Shechter.  It’s sure to be a memorable evening. Filled with music, movement, multimedia and more.

I enjoy working with Hofesh, however this creation has a new twist to it. He has paired up with the British visual artist, Antony Gormley for a collaborative evening length work. The focus is not on the dance so much as the music and the structures within the theater itself. The boundary between performer and audience is smeared and tickled. Perspective is flipped on its head to shake the viewers process of viewing. What will come is a matter of speculation. With the premiere quickly approaching, the one thing for sure is that within the walls of the Barbican theater there will soon be heard a beating that will not soon be repeated…