Jason’s Move Workshop will come to Köln February 11 and 12 at the Quartier Am Hafen thanks to the organization efforts of Anika Bendel.  Space is limited because the studio is small.  But if you’re interested contact ANIKA_BENDEL@web.de.  It’s going to be fun.

In this workshop we will engage our bodies in the exploration of different qualities of movement. We will make choices and challenge ourselves to break habitual patterns of movement and cultivate an awareness of space and time. The workshop will consist of a comprehensive warm up to root the participant’s weight into the floor and simultaneously allow the body’s extremities to extend in all directions. We will practice a seamless journey of movement in and out of the floor, discovering new ways and accessing different parts of the body to facilitate floor work. Guided improvisation will be motivated by visualizations to encourage the participant to make new and unexpected choices when moving. A series of choreographed phrases will be offered, incorporating new physical challenges with an emphasis on rhythm and musicality. Working in pairs and trios will allow the participants to engage in real time decision making as they negotiate through a structured improvi- sation attempting to implement the qualities and ideas previously established. The workshop will culminate in the development of a movement score by working either alone or in small groups for a fixed amount of time. We will share our movement and find a logic to integrate it into one cohesive choreography.

Köln Workshop Flyer