Ekaterine and I are working overtime with our collaborator Sandra Li as we try and organize our thoughts, our words, our schemes, and general intentions toward the Schwindelfrei Festival 2012 in Mannheim.  Our hope is to be supported financially and organizationally, in order to present an evening work this coming September in Mannheim.  The festival theme is “Plündern die Brache”, and I’ve spent my spare moments over the past three weeks devising an artistic concept to match. “Brache” is the german word for fallow land, or wasteland.

Still House/ Muddy Field is where we have arrived at this moment.  A place of decomposition and regeneration, of stillness and movement (of course), of emptiness at the same time as being filled with ghosts, stories, and possibilities.

Today Ekaterine and I improvised in the stairwell of our third floor apartment building.  It was surprisingly fitting, especially as the setting sun blazed through the windows projecting a scintillating square cut out of light on the opposite wall to frame our improvisations.

Now that we’ve discovered this alternate use for the stairwell I’m hopeful we will be able to conduct frequent rehearsals there until the management catches wind of our scheme for our own Still House…