In Gent, Belgium at the Kopergietery Theater 9 choreographers and 4 theater students came together for 10 days to exchange ideas, skills, experiences and much more.  Fresh Tracks Europe is a collaboration between several European theater and dance institutions that focus on developing performances for young audiences.  The choreographers were from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  At the Kopergietery, the group quickly and naturally became a family.  We worked according to Belgian time, but we worked concentrated and productively to explore theatrical tasks and methods for movement.  Individuals from the international dance scene arrived to work with us, give feedback, workshops and open dialog about creating and creating for young people.  We developed large group scenes, as well as solos, absurd improvisations and even a tightly choreographed cliché jazz sequence.

The week culminated with the arrival of international presenters, dance promoters and programmers.  The group of choreographers and actors wove together aspects of the research and presented a 40 minute showing that included dance, theater, singing, and video projection.  Over the next few days, we had the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of performances and discussions about dance and theater.  The Encounter in Gent proved to be a unique and valuable meeting for artists from different backgrounds who would normally not have the luxury to come together and share and grow.

The next Fresh Tracks Europe Encounter will be in October in Düsseldorf at the Tanzhaus NRW.