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Ingolstadt: September 15, 2012

In the framework of the International Tanz Festival Ingolstadt, under the name of the collaboration between Ekaterine and myself, MuddyBoots, we premiered the first incarnation of our 21 minute duet, “still house/ muddy field”.  It was an exciting experience.  And my mother, visiting from New York, was with us enjoying the ride.  Without a stage rehearsal, the technical crew had a big task of trying to remember the many physical, musical and lighting cues.  We had about 15 minutes in the Cafeteria with the woman calling the cues where we demonstrated what she should anticipate seeing in the performance.  “You guys can wing it, right?”  Said our friend and organizer of the festival, David Williams.
We “winged it”, and despite the circumstances, maybe in part because of them, we enjoyed ourselves.  Patiently, we’re awaiting the next opportunity to explore our “still house/ muddy field”.