My masters program, the Masters in Contemporary Dance Padagogy (MAztp) is heading to Finland this coming weekend.  We will be essentially taking over a small dance academy in the town of Outokumpu for the week. It will be an exchange of goods and services, of inspiration, of hospitality, of knowledge and moves.

My colleagues and I are busy preparing syllabuses to challenge ourselves as facilitators and the students in Finland in a wide range of physical, mental, and artistic directions. I will be focusing on the term “Contemporary” as a concept around which to orient a dance technique class.  What does this terminology refer to, denote, assume and exclude? In consideration of “contemporary’, I am led to thinking about perspectives and relations, approaches and more questions.  I think this word in connection with dancing, has less to do with form and more to do with one’s intention and attitude. Dance continues to incorporate moving bodies in space in time. What may look like an age-old brush of the leg in a forward direction, or a swing of the arm, a twist of the torso could appear as a classical or modern movement. But I would argue that what makes a tendue contemporary as opposed to something else is precisely the consideration of why the tendue is a tendue as it continues to be a tendue in exactly the spatial and temporal relation in which it stretches…

I will also be offering a separate workshop in the town of Joensuu from  Friday – Sunday May 17 – 19.

The workshop is called Performing Communication:

This workshop is a response to my experience working with choreographer Hofesh Shechter, and is inspired by the time that I’ve invested working with Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker’s publication, A Choreographer’s Score as a source from which to develop physical training. We will explore communicating through movement,  investigating methods for manipulating movement quality by using scoring techniques, imagery, and physical systems for sending and receiving movement impulses. We will explore, construct and play with movement in order to build structures that support our ability to generate creative energy.  This workshop focuses on the use of the imagination to connect individual engagement to a collective experience, while stimulating new movement decisions and questioning assumptions  about choreographic structure.

If you’re in Finland and can come to Joensuu, come join us for an exploration of movement.