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For the past 4 days, a dancer and I have been running around the inside of our minds in a salsa studio rented by the Tanzhaus in the industrial part of Zurich.  Organizing spaces, compartmentalizing our dreams, intentions, fears and happiness.  Trying to decide where they should go and simultaneously acknowledging the futility of our actions.  We practice responding to number shouting from speakers as though they are the compulsory obligations of our everyday lives. Finding rituals in the mundane and searching for a beat or a pulse in a muddle of sounds and static.

I’m in Zurich as part of a larger choreographic experiment conceived by the Swiss dancer and choreographer, Natalie Wagner.  She has invited 6 choreographers including myself to work with her individually over the course of the next year.  Each choreographer will work for only 5 days to create a solo on Natalie.  Her interest is in observing the similarities and differences between the solos. To inspect the choreographer’s style and individuality and her own influence on the work as the material being designed.

A studio showing for the artistic staff at the Tanzhaus will take place tomorrow at 4pm. A presentation of the results from the entire project is scheduled for February 2014.