Class Description:

Jason’s class incorporates elements of both a traditional contemporary technique class as well as a visualization- driven and quality exploring improvisation workshop. Jason’s class has been influenced by his experience of performing and creating work with choreographers as diverse as George Balanchine to Hofesh Shechter. Jason emphasizes a grounded sensation in relation to the floor, softness in the shoulders, hips and lower back, and a highly attuned and engaged center. These emphases combine to enable the dancer to explore a totality of movement, a playfulness with timing, and ease and suppleness when going in and out of the floor.

A typical class begins with a simple pulsing exercise to encourage the dancer to release tension and connect with the floor. Exercises follow that gently guide the dancer to closer contact with the floor. Visualizations are used, such as the limbs of the body as snakes, or sinking into a mud bath to discover new ways to move when connected to the ground. The class quickly builds up to incorporate floor exercises that will engage the arms and the torso. Rolling and crawling exercises follow to encourage softening in the hips and activation of the body’s core. As the class progresses, spatial awareness is challenged, as is the ability to negotiate the body in relation to others. The dancer will engage in movement phrases testing balance, rhythm, and the ability to distinguish between different qualities of physicality. The class culminates in jumping exercises to increase stamina and strength. The dancer will execute rhythmic movement while maintaining a supple connection to the floor. To conclude, the class returns to the pulsing exercises and pursues a mental inventory reiterating the various concepts and qualities that were discussed during the class.